Friday, October 15, 2010

Time for Teifoc! Introducing Brick and Mortar Toys to the US

REDMOND, WA (October 15, 2010) – Eitech, the leading German metal construction kit building company, has announced the arrival of Teifoc, a brick and mortar construction kit line, to the American toy and hobby market for 2010.

Incorporating real, reusable miniature bricks, Teifoc sets are 100% eco-friendly. Each set includes an architect-like trowel to help lay safe and soluble sand and corn-extract based mortar on brick, making the art of laying brick realistic and easy. Depending on how big of a structure you create, most architects-in-training can build an average-size house in a few hours. Once the brick is layered, allow for overnight drying.

Sets are available in schools, houses, castles and watermills, with hundreds of pieces in each set, builders can give each building design your own personal touch. Some sets have five building plans, giving the more advanced builder even more exciting building designs to choose from.

The best feature? It’s reusable. To build a new model, simply soak the model in water, dry the bricks, and start again. Because Teifoc uses an assortment of eco-friendly reusable pieces, you’ll be building and rebuilding for years!

Created with education and learning in mind, these sets have been proven wonderful assets to expanding children’s creativity. Product can be purchased online at and select retailers.

Teifoc product is manufactured and engineered in Germany. Teifoc is made exclusively by Eitech, the leading German metal construction kit building company. Visit for images.

Teifoc is on Amazon!!!! HOOOORAAAAY.

Happy Friday Everyone:)

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